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I managed to make it through Aladdin. Despite the rough, bullshit filled, rehearsals, the performances went pretty well. Now I have the "joy" of trying to catch up on school stuffs before I have to start working on my next show this weekend. Thankfully, the show this weekend is a very small, two day, thing. I'll be pretty much up to my armpits in kids *shudders* and won't be able to snarl at them if they piss me off enough (side note: I made it through Aladdin without having to scream at anyone, and most of them responded to my "everyone gets nice once, and forceful nice once before the yelling begins" rule). Why so many kids? The show is a recital for vocal and dance classes. These shows tend to be pretty easy since the only important thing about the lights is just having them bright enough for the parents to see their kids. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for a lighting crew...I'm just glad I have a couple of possible volunteers.

School is pissing me off...yet again.  I've taken a break from working on the math section since I have to complete at least one chapter in each subject to be able to take the tests (I really question that one because I skipped the classes for the two subjects I've already taken the official tests for, but whatever).  I've been trying to work on the writing section, but its kicking my ass.  That REALLY pisses me off.  I used to write all of the time...if I didn't have my nose stuck in a book, I was writing.  I understand why its kicking my ass (I was advised to work on the section about essays since that was the part of the test I walked out on).  This essay lesson describes breaking down everything into individual steps, as opposed to just writing a damn essay.  I can't do that.  I have never, ever planned anything I've ever written.  I just write.  I've hit the point of skipping the lessons themselves and just doing the work involved...its helping a tiny bit.

I need to get off my ass and find something to do...bored as fuck.  I got so used to being busy in the past two weeks that doing nothing is driving me nuts.

One quick note:  After talking to Jason the other day, it turns out a plan is going to be set in motion to get us back to Greensboro, hopefully by this time next year, if not sooner.  Nothing is definate right now, just in the planning stage, but its something to hope for.  It was the first time we've seriously discussed getting the hell out of his mother's house.