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There's really nothing to update on...I just felt like writing for a few minutes.

Arrangements are being made for my grandmother, and I'll probably hear about them sometime later today.  I do already know the funeral will be in Morganton--up in the mountains, where she grew up and where she died--but she will be buried here, in Burlington, next to my grandfather.  I still can't get the image of what that's going to look like out of my head.  I still want to cry every time it runs through my mind.  I ended up going to my mother's for a few hours yesterday (for those of you who know what my relationship with her is like, you should realize how much it says that I chose to be around her and her inviting me over).  So far I've managed to keep myself together (if you can call it that) today, and will be keeping plans I made last week with a friend.  I'm still very, very numb, and tired.  I got sleep, but it took me staying awake until I was too exhausted to think or do anything to make sure I wouldn't dream.  I don't think I could deal with dreaming of her, my grandfather, or any of the time I spent with them.

Thanks to those of you who have given your support in this.  I love you guys.