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The show is finally starting to come along pretty well. Its still stressful, and not everything is worked out, but its getting there. I have mostly completed my lighting design--all that's really left is to tweak a few scenes and to try an idea for another. I'm, honestly, a bit shocked I've gotten this much done so early on. I usually freeze up and get stuck, as far as ideas go, so I'm happy for the change.

Things are still pretty chaotic in there given the too small tech crew to move around set pieces, people working spotlights and balcony lights who really don't know what they're doing, people running late, and your usual hand full of divas.  Even with us being so short handed, we're managing.

Ugh, so tired.  I showed up at the school still tired from yesterday, and ran the whole day on half a can of pringles.  I usually consume more junk food than I should when I work on shows, but it usually involves more actual food....being broke sucks.  Fear not, I got food when I got home and will do a bit of grocery shopping soon.

I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm not really sure how I am, other than tired.  I've been way too busy to really notice.  I mean, I know I'm stressed as hell when I'm at the school (rehearsals always stress me out because the whole auditorium is a sea of stress), and I know I'm still stressed about the things I've been stressed about in my life, but I'm not sure how I am besides that.  One could say being unsure of how I am amid my busy schedule is a good thing, but it really bothers me to know there is something going on within me, but not really knowing what it is.

I think my fatigue is causing me to ramble a bit...its about bed time.